PC Control System

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PC Control System

PC Control System

Customized Software & UI : a building custodian can be adopted to the control system very easily.
A building custodian is able to monitor the current status of all the window blinds in the building which enables the efficient management of the internal environment.
Percentage Control (0%-100%)
Individual control, Group control, Floor control, Side control
Energy saving effect by schedule control
Sunlight Detecting Sensor is applicable for controlling
Self Manufacturing Network Router and Network Gateway allow the convenient & comfortable structure of use and installation
Linkable to fire protection system & prevention of disaster systems

PC Control System Components

Percentage Control

◆ Individual control
Check and Control the current status of individual motor

◆ Group control
Section control for customized purpose

◆ Floor control
Floor control for special use

◆ Side control
Side control responding to external weather condition change
Efficient energy saving purpose