Motorized Blind System



RF 2-way Communication Technology
[S-RF Technology]

JUNSHADE has created S-RF Technology by adding JUNSHADE’s own technology & accumulated know-how to the existing RF communication. S-RF Technology

Intermediate Positions(IP) [IP remote controller required]

· You should set up top limit and bottom limit first by using the remote controller before you save intermediate positions
· You can control multiple motors simultaneously with a one of the IP buttons
· In case of using combi blinds & wood blinds, the IP function is very useful; precise slat angle status can be directed by pushing one button Ripple Fold Track

Box(Cassette) Type Blinds Connection System

· Maximum 3 connected blinds can be controlled by one motor.
· One connected part is minimized to 18mm
· The maximum length of 3 connected blinds is 4.5M assuming that the fabric thickness is 0.5mm
· High Cost-effective & Easy to install & great harmony with any kind of interior atmosphere.
· Patent - PCT : PCT / KR2013 / 004360 Ripple Fold Track

Functionality & Feature

Built-in RF receiver
Program Button
Fine Adjustment (Tilting Function)