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Our main business objective is to provide distinctive electric-curtain & blinds systems by self manufacturing motors, controllers, rails and IoT devices at our headquarter based in South Korea; Low-Noise Motor, Touch Motion Function, Round Rail system, PC Central Control System, and Smart Home System are just some of our distinguished self-developed products in our research facility. We distribute a wide range of high quality remote controlled motorized window treatments for Hotel chains, Commercial Buildings, Luxury Home Interior Design companies, as well as Individual Households. We strive to benefit and satisfy our customers with products of the highest quality at an affordable price.

Motorized Curtains System


-No Noise
-Power Output: DC24V
-Wired: Dry Contact
-Max.Curtain Weight: 45kg
-Residence, Luxury Hotel, Office

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-No Noise
-Power Output : DC24V
-AC Power Switching Control
-Max.Curtain Weight : 45kg
-Residence, Luxury Hotel, Office

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-Power Output : DC24V
-Wired : Dry Contact
-Max.Curtain Weight : 60~90kg
-Hotel, Residence, Gallery

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-Power Output : DC24V
-Wired : Dry Contact
-Max.Curtain Weight : 75~110kg
-Gallery, Theater, Concert Hall

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Motorized Blind System


25MM diameter /Receiver built-in
Rechargeable Battery Contained. (5V cell phone adaptor)
Battery life : 6 months( Open and Close twice a day)

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Rechargeable Battery contained (Alarm when low battery)
Constant operation speed.
Low noise

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SMA35/SMA45 AC Motor

Strong AC power based performance with constant RPM
Unlimited Rotation (Electronic Encoder)
Intermediate Positions (Customizable)

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JSM24VS-0.8/34 [Venetian Blinds]

Easy to change the settings and control the fine adjustment
Hexagonal Shaft system

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Low-Noise (below 40DB)
Max Rotation : 25 turns
This motor is for 35mm Pipe

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JSM35 / JSM45 AC Motor

Strong AC power based performance with low-noise
R type : built-in receiver
S type : No receiver contained

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Our main business objective is to supply best products to our customers


JUNSHADE is the No. 1 Curtain & Blinds Motor System Company in Korea

Junshade suggests optimized solutions for diversified customers’ needs.
Best Quality Products are made through cooperation by experienced programmers, engineers, designers, and quality controllers

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